A little bit about us

The concept of the TOMATO TOWERS all started from the fact that after having endless seasons of growing lush, tall tomato plants....mid season they would topple over..break off..fruit would be laying on the ground, spoiling and production of fruit slowed down and they simply looked terrible.

We have developed a tomato cage that is based on ring supports that adjust with the growth of the plant.

The tower allows the plant to stand strong, as tall as 6' plus.

The towers make your garden look amazing!

We highly recommend these for not only tomatoes,  but also for pole beans, cucumbers, peppers and any other fruits and vegetables. Also works for vining and flowering plants.

Great for container and patio gardens as well.

  • Produces higher yields     
  • Fruit is easy to pick     
  • Collapses for easy storage

US patent 13/784.078

Feedback from Customers

Just an excellent tomato support. Kept all the foliage off the ground allowing air flow to the plant. Which resulted in a much healthier and productive tomato plant. The fruit was easy to pick. Withstood the winds. VERY IMPRESSED
— Cheryl K.
One of a kind... Really impressed. It is a great space saver. Produces well. Very pleased.
— Virg Froehlich, Score
These towers are very durable and solid built. They don’t waver in the strong winds. They produced more tomatoes than any other cage I have ever used.
— Melinda Nelson
They are wonderful! Stood up to strong sandhills winds. Plants never toppled to the ground because they had that great support. We didn’t have to restake these like we have had to in the past other wire cages on the market. We were thrilled with the product.
— Richard and Billene Nemec
My garden is the envy of the neighborhood. I have used this product for 2 years and have produced so many tomatoes. I can’t imagine buying tomatoes at the store.
— J Satterly

Installation of the Tomato Tower

Adding the third Ring